Watercolors and Acrylics by Tony 'Dee' Digregorio

Watercolors by artist Tony 'Dee' Digregorio 

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Legally blind and at 79, Port Saint Lucie artist is defying all odds. For over 50 years he made a living

as a graphic designer and a caricature artist. Now in his retirement years is creating absolutely astonishing watercolor art.

Tony has one quarter of his vision left. It is with the Lord's guiding hands that he creates beautiful artwork.

Take a look on these pages for yourself. He has just begun doing some works and they are presently hanging locally.

Berry Fresh Cafe in Port Saint Lucie is showing the paintings and they are available for sale at reasonable prices.

To purchase any works, please see instructions here.

What started it all was that one day his youngest daughter sent Dad and Mom a photo of her house in Cape May Court House N.J.

The photo showed a snow blanketed house and it interested the artist because the photo was taken in color but the

image appeared in whites and grays. This inspired artist Tony Digregorio to do a painting. He gave it to her

at Christmas 2016. The result is shown below. 

Here are some of the artist's recent works


Cinque Terre Italy-watercolor by artist Tony 'Dee'Digregorio

Cinque Terre Italy watercolor...Framed and matted $125

custom painted creation by tony 'dee'digregorio Sunset at Lake Forest by Tony 'Dee' Digregorio / private collection  

SOLD ...Personal situation watercolor

Private collection.

NOT FOR SALE ...Sunset in Lake Forest community.

Private collection

Snow Day by Tony 'Dee' Digregorio/ private collection European cafe by artist Tony 'Dee' Digregorio  

NOT FOR SALE...'Snow Day' acrylics on canvas

Private collection

Watercolor of European Cafe

Framed and matted $65

waterside cafe by watercolor artist Tony Digregorio Capri by watercolor artist Tony 'Dee' Digregorio  

AVAILABLE ...watercolor cafe waterside

Framed and matted...$65

SOLD...Isle of Capri

Private collection


Cafe at arched bridge Red farm house watercolor by artist Tony 'Dee' Gregorio

Cafe at arched bridge original watercolor

Framed and matted...$65

Red farm house original watercolor

Framed and matted ....$85

Remember...if you see a sold watercolor, you may order one for yourself.

More artwork to come....

email: tonydeeartist@gmail.com


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